Innovating in mental health

Modern mental healthcare that improves outcomes and lowers costs

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Better Outcomes

Cutting edge care at our Centers of Excellence

Lower Costs

Dramatically reducing behavioral health spend

Better Experience

Empowering patients and clinicians


An Integrated, Comprehensive Platform for Whole Patient Care


Our proprietary data analytics allows us to surface insights from population-level data

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Our tech platform quickly gets people to the right treatment at the right time

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State of the art care requires access to Centers of Excellence with specialized experts

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A user-friendly 24/7 support experience tailored to the patient

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Real world evidence (RWE) to identify optimal care pathways for patients

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The end result is happier, healthier, and more productive people

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Technology ENABLES change

A Modern Mental Health System That Provides Rapid Access to Clinicians at Centers of Excellence

Why we are different
Beyond the Standard of Care

Our high-touch platform identifies suffering where it is the most acute and provides members rapid access to cutting edge care at Centers of Excellence

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