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 Advanced Mental Healthcare

Clinician-Centered Approach

Empower your clinical expertise with our advanced care pathways. Leverage cutting-edge science, FDA-approved treatments, and breakthroughs while maintaining the flexibility to personalize care based on your judgment and patient needs.

Innovative Payment Models

Focus on providing care, not chasing payments. We work with employers and health plans to ensure patients are funded, allowing you to concentrate on treatment not financial concerns.

Barrier Elimination

Say goodbye to out-dated prior authorizations. We're removing obstacles to ensure fast care delivery and superior outcomes with advanced care pathways.

Free Patient Referral Network

Connect with a broader network of patients who need your expertise. Our free referral system ensures that individuals are matched with the most suitable care providers, improving access to life-changing advanced mental health services.

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Prioritizing Partner Satisfaction

Values  That Drive Our Success

Patient-Centered Alignment

Transforming mental healthcare by aligning payer incentives with patient outcomes. We empower clinicians to deliver personalized, evidence-based care that prioritizes long-term well-being.


Advancing psychiatric care through scientific research and innovative therapeutics. We integrate the latest evidence in neuroscience and psychiatry to offer more effective, personalized treatment options.

Superior Outcomes

Enabling clinicians to do what they do best by focusing on patient care, simplifying processes, and providing tools that enhance expertise and lead to superior outcomes.

Better Experience

Access cutting-edge training, participate in peer-led workshops, and engage with thought leaders in mental health, all while enjoying a partnership optimized for satisfaction.

Redefine Mental Healthcare Together

Empower  Clinicians. Elevate Care. Transform Lives.

At First Tracks, we're not just another mental health platform – we're your partners in advancing the entire field of mental healthcare. We're committed to creating an environment where clinicians can thrive, patients can access the care they need, and together, we can set new standards in mental health treatment.

Join our growing network of exceptional care partners and help redefine what's possible in mental healthcare, making a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve.

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